In our lab, we study how chemical and physical information can be incorporated into nano and microscale systems, and what is the relationship between information, structure and function. 

Our research interests include:
  • Stimuli responsive micro and nanosystems
  • 1-D to 3-D folding in the nanoscale
  • Reversible self-assembly
  • Chemical reactions in confined environments 
  • Multi-compartmental organic and inorganic nanoparticles
  • Chemical information in micro and nanoscale systems

March 4, 2021

We demonstrate a general scheme for fabricating freestanding Metal–organic frameworks (MOFs)-embedded polymeric fibers, in which the fibers themselves act as microreactors for the in situ growth of the MOF crystals. We demonstrate that immobilizing enzymes  on such MOF-polymer fibers improves their performance and enhances the enzyme's stability. 

Now recruiting!

Talented and outstanding students for Master and Ph.D.
Prior knowledge of micro-fabrication, photolithography and polymer synthesis - an advantage. 
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